Brand Fusion

Brand Fusion has been a supplier to the golf trade since 1980 and is the leading global distributor of branded & licensed products to the trade.

Brand Fusion Key Brands

Sun Mountain is historically one of the most innovative brands in golf. The guys at Sun Mountain are always thinking, thinking about the game of golf, the varying courses and the weather golfers encounter. They are golfers, engineers, designers and problem solvers, and their promise is to deliver the best bags, carts, travel covers and accessories available to enhance your enjoyment of the game.

Sundog eyewear are dedicated to maximising enjoyment of golf by offering world-class visual protection, performance and comfort, from tee to green and beyond. Sundog’s mela lens technology protects golfers from UV, A, B and C rays and filters out 98% of the ‘Blue’ light which creates veiled glare in the eye.

When you think about sports skill development trainers, one name stands out, SKLZ. This brand is the latest addition to Brand Fusion’s product range. We’re helping to define a category and build a brand that customers trust to deliver the most innovative and effective training products available. There are numerous products within the range that focus on improving the four main areas of golf; Accuracy, Distance, Putting and Practice. Each product comes with full instructions and training videos.

The mission at Boccieri Golf is to lower the scores of all golfers by bringing innovative player improvement equipment to the masses. Boccieri will only develop and manufacture products that are truly ground-breaking. they vow to ignore all preconceptions about accepted equipment standards in order to continue being a leader in the development of new technologies, to make the game of golf more enjoyable for players at every level.

Since 1964 Kasco have been dedicated to producing innovative golf accessories, with gloves at the forefront of this innovation. All gloves are manufactured to the highest standards, proven by Kascos extremely low global returns rate of 0.3%. Brand Fusion supply a large range of both leather and synthetic gloves, suitable for all weather conditions.

MacNeill Engineering Worldwide (Champ) is the world’s foremost and largest designer and manufacturer of traction technology for athletic and industrial footwear.

Quite simply the best quality golf head covers on the market.

Go Classic is a fast-growing, well respected range of golf equipment. This brand is stylish and innovative, but still manages to represent exceptional value for money. The mainstay of the range is open stock mens, ladies and junior golf clubs, available as standard or customised to order. The full range of product also includes bags, trolleys, gloves and accessories.

Brand Fusion has always made sure its accessory range is the biggest and best in the business. We are driven to seek out the most innovative, high quality products available. ‘The Golfers Club’ collection of accessories includes everything from the essential ‘can’t live without’ item, to the latest little gadget that will soon become a staple part of every golfers game.

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