A Brooklyn-based lifestyle brand HICKIES prides itself on designing products which re-imagine the status quo. HICKIES is the brainchild of Gaston Frydlewski and Mariquel Waingarten who in 2011 left their native Argentina to make their idea a reality.

The company’s first product, the HICKIES elastic lacing system, is one of a kind and has forever changed the way people wear their sneakers. The laces are made of a proprietary blend of elastic polymers which adapt to a shoe’s size and contract with the movement of the foot. Combining form and fashion by transforming any shoe into a slip-on while allowing users to customize their shoes with 16 unique color combinations. With HICKIES, lace once and done.

The Credo is that there is a better way for doing everything. For example it is in questioning how we tie our shoelaces that the idea for HICKIES laces came to Gaston. The business was made to solve everyday issues through the development of innovative product designs. The lacing system is the first, but certainly not the last, byproduct of this innovative business mantra.

Find out more about Hickies here: www.hickies.com