FlipFlopShop sees increase in Reef sales over lockdown period

Flip-flops are definitely having their moment in the sun again. The market is steadily expanding year on year, and more growth is projected in the next few years. Sales went up again in 2020 and are continuing to rise due to lockdown.

They’ve become the nation’s favourite footwear, and they are no longer the go-to just for the surf and beach crowds.

Effortless and adaptable, flip flops are a staple summer item. During last year’s lockdown, they dangled from the feet of homeschooling children and parents and offered a sense of freedom under the line of vision on Zoom meetings for many employees working from home. They’re great for almost anything, from gardening to cleaning the house.

And people’s obsession with comfort over lockdown doesn’t seem to be going anywhere anytime soon, as a percentage of people continue to work from home and travel restrictions persist.       


Their low cost, versatility, and functionality make them perfect for the current market’s needs. People can easily experiment with flip flops, using them to liven up their style with bright flashes of colour and interesting prints, or paring back with minimal designs and neutral tones. All without compromising on comfort or convenience.

A brand that captures the movement well is Reef, who have been expanding their range to fit the demand with more styles geared towards comfortable footwear.

Often, brands with a rich heritage and strong presence in the market like Reef are cautious to move away from what first made them popular and dip their feet into new waters. But Reef’s expanding their horizons and it’s paying off. Still a household name in the surf and beach community, they have started to branch out, attracting customers from diverse backgrounds with different needs, while staying consistent in their message: they want to attract freedom, fun and the spirit of the beach.

FlipFlopShop.co.uk has seen an increase in the diversity of its customers and shopping trends too. People crave comfort now. They want to break free of the old fashion conventions, even wearing flip flops to the office now. Reef sales at FlipFlopShop have increased by 167% in the first quarter of 2021 compared to the same period last year.

The change in the market seems to be more than a fleeting trend. Perhaps people will never return to the same way of dressing, even after things go back to normal.