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MoonBoot® stems from an idea that hit Giancarlo Zanatta – president of Tecnica Group – while he was watching the live TV broadcast of the first landing on the moon in 1969.

Right away he was intrigued by the shape of the boots the astronauts were wearing and the prints they left on the lunar surface. MoonBoot® has been a worldwide success since its introduction in the seventies. Created with lightweight and brightly coloured materials, the boots are hugging, roomy and versatile. The design is unique, the right boot is the same as the left and the same pair can fit different foot sizes. Over the years MoonBoot® came to stand for after-ski boots in general.

The big oval-shaped prints they leave on fresh snow seem to belong to an Ice Age animal. MoonBoot® were the first after-ski boots to suit urban lifestyles. Easy to adapt to changing trends, they take on a new look every season in order to satisfy latest-fashion needs. MoonBoot® is the most copied object in the world, even by top designers who included them in their latest collections.

Moon Boot ® was the very first to creatively combine the vibrant essence of sport with the taste and style of up-to-the-minute designer fashion. Today, the Moon Boot® collection ranges from urban winter footwear right down to attention-grabbing stylish sportswear.