Teva Looks Towards a Sustainable Future

As of 2020, 100% of Teva’s Iconic Straps are Made Using Recycled Plastic

(GOLETA, Calif.) February 19, 2020 – Teva®, a division of Deckers Brands (NYSE: DECK), announces the launch of its sustainability initiative and “Strap In To Freedom” campaign today. As of 2020, Teva uses recycled plastic in 100% of its iconic straps. This represents an important step in Teva’s commitment to build a more sustainable future and reduce its impact so future generations can be free to explore the wild world around them.

The sustainability initiative launches in tandem with a new brand campaign, “Strap In To Freedom”, celebrating Teva’s iconic Original sandal collection. The campaign, which invites fans to express their own forms of freedom and adventure, also marks an important milestone of Teva’s ongoing commitment to sustainability. All the iconic straps across Teva’s 2020 product line use traceable, verifiable, plastic using REPREVE® yarn, representing over 9 million plastic bottles, or 172 tons of plastic, being kept out of landfills in 2020 alone. This material keeps plastic out of the waste system and waterways, offsets using new petroleum, emits fewer greenhouse gasses, and conserves water and energy when compared to virgin polyester. With this initiative, Teva is turning the waste that pollutes the planet into something that helps others explore it.


“We are committed to improving our practices and creating product with higher social and environmental standards that minimize our overall environmental impact,” says Teva’s General Manager, Anders Bergstrom. “We believe we have an obligation to do our part in creating product that is mindful of the environment and this is only the beginning. We have a long road ahead, but are dedicated to creating a sustainable footprint.”

Teva has made significant environmental strides over the past decade and continues to seek more. Teva has removed excess waste, reduced water usage, and significantly decreased its carbon footprint in its packaging. Additionally, the brand is continuously seeking sustainable and ethical alternatives for key materials. All its leather is sourced from tanneries certified by Leather Working Group; whose mission is to promote sustainable and appropriate environmental business practices within the leather industry. Teva also supports the Better Cotton Initiative, the largest cotton sustainability program in the world.

For over 35 years, Teva’s iconic sandals have enabled people around the world with more freedom to experience life’s great adventures. In its next chapter, the brand is committed to improving its sustainable business practices so future generations are given the same opportunity to explore our planet for years to come.

For more information, visit teva.com/sustainability